Ask Heather: What’s happening with heating oil prices?

The heating oil market is heavily influenced by crude oil prices, which always affect the eventual price you pay. That’s because heating oil represents just one of the many products derived from raw crude oil.

As we have seen time after time, the geopolitical climate can have as much of an effect on crude oil prices as the actual climate. We’re seeing that right now due to the current conflict in the Middle East.

All this uncertainty in the world makes it impossible to predict the trajectory of prices going into winter. But rest assured we have always been committed to supplying you with reliable heating oil deliveries throughout the year at the lowest rates possible.

Plus, the combination of our Ultra Heat Premium Heating Oil with low sulfur content always saves you money by improving efficiency, prolonging the life of your equipment and reducing repair costs.

Rest easy knowing you can always count on us no matter what Mother Nature throws at us this winter. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to us.