Specialty Products

Shortway Service has a wide range of specialty products from top quality brands


We offer a variety of specialty products from top-quality brands such as WD-40, Rain-X, BIOSOLV, and Berkebile Oil Company.

  • We carry BIOZOLV, a powerful, bio-degradable professional all-purpose cleaner. It's water soluble, non-corrosive, non-abrasive and does not contain oil or ammonia.
  • We stock complete spill control products including floor dry, spill pads, booms, and complete spill kits for vehicles and factory locations.
  • We stock a complete line of Rain-X wiper blades for all automobiles, pickup trucks and heavy duty trucks, and earth moving equipment.
  • We stock spray lubricants, including WD-40, PFC, and Sure Shot starting fluid.
  • We carry the complete Berkebile line including break clean, brake fluid, power steering fluid, gum cutter, gasket material, and more. See the complete line on www.berkebileoil.com/.
  • We stock windshield wash, methanol, and antifreeze in all containers.
  • We stock oil testing kits for automotive commercial, and industrial engines, transmissions, and differentials.
  • We carry Donaldson exhaust parts including mufflers, clamps, and rubber hoses for air and oil filters.

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