Oil Heat vs. Heat Pumps

Have you heard about the push to replace all fossil-fuel heating systems with electric heat pumps? 

Whole-house conversions to electric heat could cost families an estimated $20,000 or more. Plus, a recent study showed that 9 out of 10 people who have converted to heat pumps keep their existing heating system (heating oil, natural gas, etc.) as a backup. And for good reason — 84% were unhappy with their heat pump’s performance in very cold weather.* 

That’s because most heat pumps become extremely inefficient when temperatures drop under 32°F, and a backup heating system is needed to keep your home warm! 

In contrast, we supply you with UltraHeatheating oil with an ultra-low sulfur content. It’s guaranteed to keep your home toasty warm even during the coldest of winters! 

*Source: Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.