Heather Naretto

Ask Heather: Can you save money if you convert to natural gas?

A: No. Heating oil is less expensive than natural gas when you apply an apples-to-apples comparison — a gallon of heating oil generates 40% more Btu’s of heat than an equivalent amount of natural gas. 

Unlike us, gas utilities impose a surcharge on their customers that adds to the cost of heating a home with gas. 

Of course, this is doesn’t even include all of the surprising costs of converting to a natural gas system, which can cost you: 

➡️ Up to $10,000 for a new natural gas boiler or furnace. 

➡️ Up to $2,000 for a new chimney liner. 

➡️ Up to $1,500 for oil tank removal. 

➡️ Up to $5,000 to extend a gas line from the road to your home. 

Upgrading to a high-efficiency oil heating system will cost a fraction of all of this. You could also qualify for a $250 rebate for upgrading to a new oil heating system.